Helping dance leaders, CEO's and entrepreneurs create a sustainable business model to finally start living the life they've dreamed of, while no longer sacrificing themselves or what they love.

You are so freaking proud of yourself for getting this far with your business! As you should be. But, you are so exhausted. And frankly, thinking about continuing to do things this way for another 5 years, sucks.


Seriously - it's hard! You expected it to be hard at the beginning, but didn't think it would STILL be like this. You've gained a lot of knowledge and skills which has served you, but you are ready for the process to become easier and more enjoyable. And you're willing to do the work to make the changes you desire and know are possible.

Hi there, I'm Audra and I totally understand how you're feeling right now because that was me the first 3 years in my business. Once I committed to learning a new way and doing the work, my life and business changed drastically for the better. And I am ready to help you learn and do the same.

Give me 6 months and I will give you a thriving life

& enjoyable way to work! 


I invite you to fully step into what you desire, learning a new way to run your business that is stress free and more successful.


If you are truly ready to run your business from a place of ease and alignment, even if the process scares the hell out of you, this is the coaching program you commit to for that change. 


Yes, you can eventually experience some sort of success running your business the way you are, exhausted from the process and wondering when things will ever improve or change. But I want to show you a better way to run your business and live your life!


Once you commit to this new way of running your business and living your life, you no longer feel exhausted, resentment or have to defend yourself to your support system asking you why your business isn't more profitable yet.


Instead, you get to show up each day feeling aligned, energized, finally thriving and experiencing even more business growth than before!


YOU Are The Key To Thriving In Your Life And Business


Ready to elevate from exhausted to thriving? 

Yes! I'm Ready To Thrive As The CEO Of My Life
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Welcome To The

 Dance CEO University™


Dance CEO University™

Is For You If You Are


✓ An established business owner* 
✓ A dance leader or entrepreneur
✓ Supporting the dance world in any capacity

✓ Craving to elevate your process
✓ Aching to realign your purpose
✓ Seeking accountability & support

* I define a dance business as any business that serves the dance world in any capacity



Dance CEO University™



✓ A 6 month virtual coaching program
✓ 18 group coaching calls
✓ 6 1:1 coaching calls
✓ 24/7 group chat peer support

✓ The key to process sustainability
✓ The catalyst to become your CEO self


 BONUSES When Joining The

Dance CEO University™



✓ Access to Business Academy for Dancers®
✓ Extra 1:1 coaching call (6 7 total)
✓ Feature on social media
✓ Guest on Dance CEO Podcast 

✓ Discount for future offerings


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>> Hey, I'm Audra!

Mindset Expert & Business Coach. I started my virtual dance business in 2018 after my divorce, with 35+ years of dance experience, a Master of Fine Arts degree and no business knowledge.

Newly single mom to 2 lil humans, I was determined to make this work via google, free workshops and lots of painstaking hours. I went from no previous experience to a steadily growing business teaching virtual dance lessons. 

When COVID hit, I became an instant resource for the dance community seeking guidance to quickly move online. This was my pivot into business and mindset coaching. 

Since then it has been my mission to revolutionize how we run dance business, one dance CEO at a time. Shattering the "starving artist mindset" and taking dance business owners from sacrificing to thriving for their art. 

Utilizing the Dance CEO Method 4 step process, I take each client on a journey to becoming the CEO of their life and dance business, no matter how they work with me. 

Join the 200+ other Dance Business Owners who have benefited from Audra's coaching services.


"I appreciate the community, the conversation, and the tactics Audra supplies us with to go on and be our best personally and professionally. You should join the Dance CEO University if you are seeking clarity for your dance business and if you are seeking a trustworthy and accountable community that supports you no matter what!"

Releve Marketing
(current student)

"Working together, things feel so different now with the idea of letting go of control. "Audra" has given me permission to release that control. And I now believe that it might work out even better than I wanted. There's something about what Audra says, things I know, but they're hitting differently. Thank you."

Emirj Projects
(current student)

"I had a negative mindset towards life and business. Now I have some tools to speak differently about my business, creating a more positive perspective and driving more intentional and focused effort."

The Barre Pianist
(current student)

Ready to create & live your life of abundance?

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The Dance CEO Method™

4 Step Process

Master Your Mindset 

Build mindset strength and skills to defeat imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and the "starving artist" mentality

Personal Before Professional

Develop self-fulfilling routines, establish boundary practices and connect with yourself to optimize personal success first.*

All Things Business

Up-leveling everything business. Naturally many former business challenges are resolved when working on steps 1 & 2. More clarity & alignment will occur.

Your CEO Self

Comfortably adjust to living as CEO of your newly balanced personal and professional life. Learn how to sustainably maintain and continue to achieve your goals and dreams.

* Your business is only as successful as you are doing personally

- Topics Covered -

 Sampling of the 20+ Topics Covered in the University

Master Your Mindset


 Releasing What No Longer Serves You

 Board Room Theory

 Mastering Mindset Skills

 Power of Manifestation

 More Abundance Less Scarcity  

 Money Scarcity Mindset  

All Things Systems


 The Masculine vs Feminine of Your Biz

 Systems & Automations

 The Client Experience

 Baseline of Finance


Crystal Clear Services


 The Power of Flow Charts

 Main Ticket Offer

 Service Tier Formula

 Power of Pricing

The Art of Marketing


 Branding 202


 Marketing Strategy

 Optimizing Email Sequences

Sales Inviting


 Attraction vs Hunting

 "Sales" Calls Done Right


And that's not all...

 Bonus Content

Valued at $3.5k+ included!!

Partial List of Bonus Content Provided By Leading Experts In Their Field


 Dance CEO Manifesto

 80 Social Media Templates (Canva)

 30 Day Healthy Dancer Challenge

 Mental Skills Training

 Stabilizing Skills For Yourself & Students 

 How Dancers Can Stay Healthy At Home - PDF

 Intuitive Eating & Well Being 

 Money Magic for Creatives

 Creating Class Culture Strategies & Studio Wide Policies

 Finding Neutral Alignment


Your Success Is My Guarantee

Working together we will make sure you achieve the goals you set at the beginning and that we are both clear on.

If by the end of the program you have not achieved the goals, and you put in all the effort asked of you (attending all the group & 1:1 calls, any outside work, etc) I will continue to work with you 1:1 at no additional cost to you until that success is achieved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Value of Investing In Your

Personal & Professional Future


Dance CEO University™

✓ 18 Group Coaching Calls ($4500 value)
Six Seven 1:1 Coaching Calls ($2100 value)
✓ 24/7 Group Support ($3500 value)
✓ Modules/Workbooks ($1100 value)
✓ Resources ($750 value)
✓ Bonus Section ($3500+ value)
Business Academy for Dancers® ($2000 value)
✓ Feature on Social Media ($500 value)
Guest On Dance CEO Podcast ($800 value)
Discount For Future Offerings ($1000 value)

Total Value = $19,750 USD

Your Price = $3,797 USD

Guaranteed Growth = Priceless


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