Learn the A-Z's of Building A Sustainable Life & Business In A Way That Makes Sense to A Dancer's Creative Brain

Are you struggling with getting your dance business or idea off the ground?

The dance world did not set you up for success with the business side of the art form, and you are struggling to fill in the business gaps.

A lot of time has been spent trying to find answers, but you're still struggling with the same challenges. 

You're a creative at your core, and the information you are finding isn't making sense with how you think and problem solve.

You've Probably Thought "There has to be a better way"



Welcome To The

Business Academy for Dancers®



Is A


โœ“ Self-Paced Course
โœ“ One Stop Shop For Business A-Z
โœ“ Community Of Like-Minded Peers 
โœ“ Catalyst To Your Success



Is For You If You Are


โœ“ Emerging Dance Business Owners
โœ“ Dance Entrepreneurs
โœ“ Eager To Grow Your Business
โœ“ Tired Of Doing It Alone

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>> Hey, I'm Audra!


I started my virtual dance business in 2018 after my divorce, with 35+ years of dance experience, a Master of Fine Arts degree and no business knowledge.

Newly single mom to 2 lil humans, I was determined to make this work via google, free workshops and lots of painstaking hours. I went from no previous experience to a steady growing business teaching virtual dance lessons. 

When COVID hit, I became an instant resource for the dance community seeking guidance to quickly move online. This was my pivot into business and mindset coaching. 

Since then it has been my mission to revolutionize how we run dance business, one dance CEO at a time. Shattering the "starving artist mindset" and taking dance business owners from sacrificing to thriving for their art. 

Utilizing the Dance CEO Method 4 step process, I take each client on a journey to becoming the CEO of their life and dance business, no matter how they work with me. 

Join the 200+ other Dance Leaders, CEO's & Entrepreneurs who have benefited from Audra's coaching services and products.

Take a look at what people have said...

"Audra has helped me process and move through resistance concerning a few tasks that have been on my to-do list for far too long. She’s provided tools, resources, and starting points for moving forward on a number of issues. She’s really open to feedback and is willing to personalize her offerings to help meet your needs."

Circus Sanctuary, Arizona USA

"Audra has a warm and focused approach to her coaching sessions and spent the time to learn about my business and how we operate before working with me on a plan to move forward. I felt fully supported throughout the process and after each session I felt calmer and more positive and started to sleep again. Her help has been invaluable and myself and my staff are truly grateful."

Vital Movement Studios, Australia

"(The Business Academy for Dancers) was a welcoming and safe space for creatives and small business owners. I have met like-minded people in this group who are also supportive and genuine. They were open to give feedback to help me and my journey as a small business owner."

NW Dance Arts, Washington, USA

I've been exactly where you are right now.

This is why I created the Business Academy for Dancers®.

To not have to repeat the tedious process I went through when I started my dance business in 2018.

>> You'll have the information you need at your fingertips, without searching for it

>> You'll experience the information in a way that is curated with dance business owners in mind, by someone who has been there

>> You'll see your business start to flourish because of the work you'll put in

>> You'll gain more financial stability, emotional freedom & time 

You will finally have solutions to your business challenges by having access to information curated for the emerging dance business owner.


The Business Academy for Dancers® is your best option because it is specifically designed for emerging business owners and entrepreneurs.


The sense of relief and clarity you will feel when your problems are resolved will be from your hard work and effort you put in right now to help you achieve your longterm goals.

When you complete the Business Academy for Dancers®, you will have clarity on how to move forward, sustainable business skills and the mindset of a CEO who is ready to share your business confidently with the dance world.


Take A Moment to Picture Yourself Stepping Into Your Rightful Role as CEO of Your Life & Business


This can be YOUR reality in just 4 months time when you enroll in the Business Academy for Dancers®.


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- What's Included -

 Sampling of the 15+ Topics Covered in the Academy

Foundation (Alignment)

What does it include:

โœ“ Mindset Shift

โœ“ Setting boundaries

โœ“ Niching Down & Finding Your Ideal Client

โœ“ The Art of Market Research

โœ“ Vision, Mission & Core Values

Marketing (Barre)

What does it include:

โœ“ Branding - And All It's Layers

โœ“ Making Systems Work For You

โœ“ Social Media As Your Secret Weapon

โœ“ Content Creation

Longevity (Center Floor)

What does it include:

โœ“ Pinpointing Your High Ticket Offer

โœ“ Pricing

โœ“ Creating A Private Group

โœ“ Building Your Dream Team

And that's not all...

Sample of Bonuses

Valued $2.1k+ included!!

Intuitive Eating & Well Being Course with Ravneet

What does it include:

โœ“ Course Video

โœ“ Workbook

โœ“ Editable Nutrition Course

Creating Class Culture Strategies & Studio Wide Policy with Erin Pride

Erin Pride is host of the Dance Boss Podcast

What does it include:

โœ“ Workbook

โœ“ Audio Training to Listen Anywhere

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This Is THE Resource I Wish I Had When I Started My Dance Business

The one-stop shop on how to do the businessy things, like do I register as a Sole Proprietor or an LLC? Or how do I even begin to price my services?

Learning the business things that were specifically applicable to me as a dance focus

A step-by-step process of learning ALL the things in ONE place, and it directly relating to the dance world, instead of my having to convert the information I was gathering.

Having the information shared in a way that made sense to my creative right brain

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine 4 Months From Now...


โœ“ You are experiencing more personal and professional growth than you thought possible


โœ“You feel more qualified to show up as an expert in your field


โœ“ You are working less and your revenue is increasing


โœ“You are living more fully while working more efficiently 


โœ“You are confidently telling people you are CEO of your business without experiencing anymore imposter syndrome 


โœ“You have the skills to sustainably keep growing your business without burnout or stopping doing what you love 

What You Get When You Invest In Yourself & Your Business

Your full life and the ability to sustain it.


Business Academy for Dancers®   

โœ“ 15+ Modules ($1500 value)

โœ“ 15+ Workbooks ($500 value)

โœ“ Bonus Content ($2.1k+ value) 


Total Value = $4100+ USD

Your Price = $497 USD

Guaranteed Growth = Priceless

One Payment of $497
3 Payments of $177