38. Guest: Melissa Rose of the Brick & Mortar Visibility Podcast

Season #2

Melissa and I instantly connected through the many things we have in common. And we covered pretty much of all of them and more in this episode. Melissa gets very vulnerable, sharing her personal experience and challenges of being a single mom after divorce of 5 kids AND starting a dance business...and then starting some businesses. We dove into the nitty-gritty of how to claim your business profile on Google and why it's a must in today's climate. And there was a lot in between. Join us and we once again, pull the curtain back on the reality of running a dance business, especially as a single mom.


Episode Highlights:

  • The process of starting a business after divorce as a single mom
  • Multiple streams of income
  • How to claim your Business profile on Google
  • The power of SEO and how to use it to optimize your business
  • How to prioritize yourself again when doing so much for others






Melissa Rose - @themelissarose
Audra Allen-Queen- @thedanceceocoach


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