Offered the Second Thursday of Every OTHER Month @ 2pmCST/3pmEST


The Dance CEO Masterclass Series is on hold until further notice.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Are you struggling to grow  personally & professionally because of a tight budget or schedule?

You are not alone! A desire to grow and progress is natural for entrepreneurs, leaders and CEO's in the dance world. Heck, it's in our blood from all the hours in the dance studio. 

You want to attend the dance conferences and summits but it just doesn't work out financially or with your busy schedule.  

That's why the Dance CEO Masterclass Series was born! To give you consistent bi-monthly professional development opportunities that work with your schedule, and your budget.

Get ready to block out this bi-monthly Masterclass series on your calendar, and experience relief knowing you have a realistic plan in place to commit to your growth, at no extra cost to you.   

Welcome To The

Dance CEO Masterclass Series




✓ A Free Bi-Monthly Hour-Long Class
✓ For Dance Entrepreneurs, Leaders & CEO's
✓ Consistent Persona & Professional Development
✓ A Catalyst To Your Success

Masterclass Schedule:

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The Dance CEO Masterclass Series is on hold until further notice

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


>> Hey, I'm Audra!


Host, Coach & Educator for the Dance CEO Masterclass Series. I started my virtual dance business in 2018 after my divorce, with 35+ years of dance experience, a Master of Fine Arts degree, and no business knowledge.

After coaching 200+ clients, I now offer this free masterclass series to help you up level your abilities as the person behind your dance business and career, and the professional side of things. The only commitments you need to make are to show up and bring to the table your time, energy and desire. 


Join the 200+ other Dance Leaders, CEO's & Entrepreneurs who have benefited from Audra's coaching services and products.

Take a look at what people have said...

"Audra's coaching is very simple yet impactful... Working with Audra, you can tell that she is experienced and has been in your shoes before & only wants to help by providing solutions for her clients. I feel refreshed, energized, and excited."

Releve Marketing 
Florida, USA

"What I love about Audra is that she is not just a business coach; she has helped me so much in life and in shifting mindsets. She helps you get to what is most important to YOU, and offers tools to help you get there. She doesn't sit on a pedestal purporting to have all the answers. Instead, she challenges you to find the answers within yourself."

Cancer Moon Wellness, New Jersey, USA

"Audra brought ideas to the table I had never considered and made them real by developing a plan with goals and mile-markers to make them come to life. What she suggested was unique to me and fit perfectly into who I am, what I needed to accomplish, and what I wanted in the short and long term. She is unlike any other coach I’ve ever met."

Ed Flores Photography, Arizona, USA

I wish I had access to this resource when I started my business


This is exactly why I created the Dance CEO Masterclass Series


To support others in the dance business world struggling with the same things I did.

You'll have peace of mind knowing you have set aside 1 hour a month to commit to your professional growth.


You'll experience the Masterclass in a way that is created specifically with dance business owners in mind, by someone who has been there. 


You'll see your professional growth start to flourish because of consistently attending the monthly Masterclasses


You'll gain more financial stability, emotional freedom & time from the different topics taught in the Masterclass series by an experienced mindset expert and business coach


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