36. Guest: Jen Aks of The Power Of Gesture Method

Season #2

Are you a dancer who wants to do internal work, and you're interested in doing it in a way that aligns with your desire to move? Then this episode is for you! Join Jen Aks and myself as we learn about the unique method Jen has created, and why she still practices it daily. 


Jen Aks, Embodiment Coach, Dance Educator, and Expert in the field of communication, founded and created The Power of Gesture Method, a groundbreaking form of moving meditation. Movement saved Jen’s life and as a result, revealed her gift to teach embodied, soulful connection. Jen’s method shows us how to live authentically by accepting our lived experience, recognize that our stories matter and help us tap into the wisdom of our bodies. The Power of Gesture methodology was created in response to the 2020 pandemic as a way for people to reconnect with their minds, bodies and souls. Jen’s mission is to unlock the intuitive language of the body so that we live authentically and serve purposefully. Jen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University and has dedicated her career to shifting the mindset of humanity one story at a time. As part of The Power of Gesture program, Jen offers private coaching, workshops, and speaking experiences. Jen’s body of work also includes hundreds of mini documentaries produced by Jen, representing stories of resilience communicated through The Power of Gesture. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Developing a therapeutic modality that serves others
  • How to apply (or not) what we learn, in our parenting process
  • Continuing to self-practice what we teach others






Jen Aks - @jen_aks
Audra Allen-Queen- @thedanceceocoach


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