46. Guest: Josephine Lancuba - Performing Arts Business Coach, Talent Manager & Speaker

Season #2

If you're desiring to hear an inspirational story from a very difficult childhood to a very successful dance and business career, this episode is for you! 

Josephine Lancuba is an award winning performing arts
business and talent management professional.
She is an Educator, Speaker, Talent Agent, Writer,
and has spent 2 decades in the arts industry
leading and managing studios, entertainment
and production based businesses including her
own musical theatre studio for 10 years and it’s
in-house talent management service.

From a young age, Josephine had to make her
own way in the world. She went from hardship
and humble beginnings, to successfully creating
multi 6-figure performing arts businesses fuelled
by passion, joy and commitment.
After a whirlwind career as an Artist that saw her
perform on a multitude of stages and on TV
screens for over a decade, Josephine leaped into
the world of Business and Motherhood. She has
not looked back since!


Josephine Lancuba


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