The Morning Routine Workbook

It's time for YOU to put YOU first!

Do you ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day? Like it doesn't matter how organized you are...You so are exhausted by the time you turn the lights off at night?

You really want to have a successful dance business or career, but you're wondering which first step will take you in the right direction

Or maybe you're a seasoned veteran in the dance world, but you're just plain tired. So you are starting to lack in motivation and don't really love your life  

I could keep the list going, but we all know it would be endless.

See, I know how you feel, because I have been there...what feels like forever ago now, I was in the thick of it. Trying to do a million things and never putting myself first in any areas of my life.

This is why I FINALLY created this incredible resource for you!  

 It's time to get started on creating the life and business of your dreams. (yes, cliché I know, but it's actually possible. I'm living proof) 


So many of my course and 1:1 clients have seen success with this routine that I knew I just had to create this resource to share with everyone! 


So for the FIRST TIME EVER...Here is the exact step-by-step guide I used to create my own morning routine. A little piece of the Dance CEO Method that so many of my clients have seen success with and now you can too!

Grab this incredible tool to help take your mornings to the next level!



Dance CEO

Morning Routine


Is For You If:

‚úď You a
re finally ready to try a new approach to your morning

‚úď You don't feel your current morning routine is fulfilling and you dread all of the 'Guru's' out there telling you you have to wake up at 5am to be successful
‚úď You are tired of feeling lost and not knowing where to start
‚úď You don't have the time or finances to commit to a longterm program at the moment and just need a tool to get you moving in the right direction
‚úď You understand the importance of practice and routine (of course you do, you're in the dance world)

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>> Hey, I'm Audra!


Personal Development & Transformation Coach, host of the Dance CEO Podcast and your guide to building your ideal morning routine. I started my virtual dance business in 2018 after my divorce, with 35+ years of dance experience, a Master of Fine Arts degree, and no business knowledge.

Newly single mom to 2 lil humans, I was determined to make this work via Google, free workshops, and lots of painstaking hours. I went from no previous experience to a steadily growing business teaching virtual dance lessons. 

When COVID hit, I became an instant resource for the dance community seeking guidance to move online quickly. This was my pivot into business and mindset coaching as The Dance CEO Coach.

Since then, my mission has been to revolutionize how we run dance businesses, one dance CEO at a time. Shattering the "starving artist mindset" and taking dance business owners from sacrificing for their art, to thriving in their life. 

Utilizing the Dance CEO Method 4-step process, I take each client on a journey to becoming the CEO of their life and dance business, no matter how they work with me. 

Join the 200+ other Dance Leaders, CEO's & Entrepreneurs who have benefited from Audra's coaching services and products.

Take a look at what past and current clients have said...

"Audra's coaching is very simple yet impactful... Working with Audra, you can tell that she is experienced and has been in your shoes before & only wants to help by providing solutions for her clients. I feel refreshed, energized, and excited."

Releve Marketing 
Florida, USA

"What I love about Audra is that she is not just a business coach; she has helped me so much in life and in shifting mindsets. She helps you get to what is most important to YOU, and offers tools to help you get there. She doesn't sit on a pedestal purporting to have all the answers. Instead, she challenges you to find the answers within yourself."

Cancer Moon Wellness, New Jersey, USA

"Audra brought ideas to the table I had never considered and made them real by developing a plan with goals and mile-markers to make them come to life. What she suggested was unique to me and fit perfectly into who I am, what I needed to accomplish, and what I wanted in the short and long term. She is unlike any other coach I’ve ever met."

Ed Flores Photography, Arizona, USA

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Imagine a month or two from now...


‚úď You aren't exhausted all of the time because you have learned how to put yourself first in an effective way


‚ústYou are benefiting from feeling fulfilled in your life and your business because you have done the work and made simple changes to your day


‚úď You're loving your life and business again even though you didn't think it was possible


What You Get When You say 'YES' to learning how to put yourself first & building your very own Morning Routine


The most requested


Dance CEO Morning Routine Workbook  

‚úď A step-by-step guide to creating a
Morning Routine that works for you ($250 value)

‚úď Reusable Templates for each step ($100 value)

‚úď BONUS: Prompts and Affirmations¬†($50 value)¬†


Total Value = $400 USD

Your Price = ONLY $14! 


Guaranteed Growth = Priceless


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